How the Veteran Affairs office fueled the national opioid crisis and is killing thousands of veterans.

Today, the number of patients affected by the VA’s swinging opiate pendulum is staggering: 60 percent of veterans who fought in the Middle East and 50 percent of older veterans have chronic pain. …leading to swift, mandated cutoffs regardless of patient well-being and with virtually no evidence that it’s a safe approach.

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It sounds very familiar to the treatment I have seen delivered to myself and other veterans. I have written about similar situations and it just provides a growing portrait of the events that happen within the Veterans Affairs healthcare system.

When I first entered the VA healthcare system I figured the best way to receive care would be to not ask for any high-strength painkillers. I had no interest in them because they usually make me sick and I have an addictive personality that I do not want mixed up in that.

After having gone through the VA healthcare for a while I realize that that is the one thing that the VA will give you.