Journal of the lost. Part I.

The following is a collection. Haha. As much as you could call it a collection. It has become so impossibly hard to keep a large journal. Over the months I have lost hundreds of pages. People in words. And words made of and by people. Not that it matters. Does a species still exist if there is no one capable of reading their ancient text? Are paintings important to the bear? The most beautiful bridge will be nothing more than a highway for nature until it rots and crumbles. One last monument. One last piece of our being gone. How many dinosaurs are unknown? The amount of time is incomprehensible to humans. That is what has made our past so hard. Depending on when this is read, things might be so different. How many times has God hit the reset button on humanity? Knocked em’ back a peg to teach them a lesson. This is a nice ecosystem you all have built here. But you all suck, like, you have not listened to me at all. Why in the hell do you need thousands of nuclear warheads?

Man, California, God is so woke, after he showed up of course. This has to be the end of the world. It is a nightmare.

P.S. I later realized how ignorant it was to think that this journal would survive for that long. I will write away regardless because it brings some relief to the world I live in now. We also had people who thought irregardlessly was a word. That was a huge pet peeve of mine. Where are you people now?

– Thomas

Chapter 1

I wanted to identify a bit of the past just in case that things look differently. I think the nail in humanity’s coffin was hammered in by the invention of the steam engine. That is when we became cancer. We metastasize over decades and the world looks a lot different. The doctors would have said the damage is terminal, to us anyways. And pretty much all of life. Probably not the cockroach or the shark. Turtles and gators are old. But the frog is a goner. The genocide we were waging was hidden by the fact that we were waging genocide and extinction against each other over how everyone wants to read different books or drink raw milk. Hell if you were not white or religious, people would go to war. Politics and money were so derisive. No one paid attention. I didn’t. It was far too late for anyone to do anything. The frogs were pretty much gone. The government went out like a late night talk show. Why did those things have a sidekick? I can say unequivocally that we as a species have solved our racist problems. Oh, I am rambling about things.

We ignored most of the signs. The extinction events. The ocean filling with toxic plastic. We kill off the food sources! Smart move humanity. That is where fish were, they had left the Gulf long ago. Those that did not die. Every year they would show the dead fish. People would yell. Someone would hold up something shiny. Forgotten about until next year. The flammable water. The Salton Sea in California. Lake Mead. The earthquakes intensified. The mudslides became muddier. Hundreds of thousands of acres burned. Crops failed to return. The Grapes of Wrath! That was a book about the same damn thing happening almost a century ago. The financial crisis happened then too. Funny how that always seems to happen. It will always have happened now, won’t it? There will never be a, way it always happens. The S is removed. Like the little girls face. It is becoming more blurry now. I shed so many tears over her, yet I cannot remember her face. I cannot tell you whether it is worse to die or be erased. That little girl is being erased, maybe I can ask her if Heaven was not infiltrated as well. I used to blame God, but maybe he didn’t have anything to do with it. Like a new bully moved into the school and displaced the precious balance. I don’t think God could survive this.

So yeah we missed the signs. The weather just kept intensifying. Hurricanes pounded all of the coastlines on the east coast. The east coast used to have hundreds of millions of people. The Internet went down. The Internet was this fake world we created to live in. We based everything in numbers. Ones and zeros were the languages everyone spoke. The currency as well. Everything was on the Internet. We lost everything with it. We had thrown away all the books. Ray Brad…berry? (I am not sure this is how it is spelled, sorry!) tried to warn us with Fahrenheit 451. Don’t burn them! Think freely! They were the messages, but no one read them. Old Ray was erased. He exists on this page, but that is it. What of all his achievements? His other works? None. He just wrote a book for all someone would know. It is inexplicable to explain the empty void that has been claustrophobia inducting compression around every single molecule of the body. Hell, of the world. Everything we know.

The Missouri volcano is the one that threw everyone. No one really understood how it happened. All of the scientists told us it was long extinct, for decades they studied it. They never stopped scratching their heads. By the time we NEEDED to be told the moving and talking images of them were gone. I guess FEMA isn’t coming. They used to help people during disasters. Did you know that we used to be able to make images with a collection of chemicals and electricity? That is where the Internet lived, and most of the society before. Someone had told me that their father or something was a geologist. That was a person who studied rocks, they were not dumb or anything, they learned about how the Earth worked. They said that the Missouri volcano must have been something to do with a shallow crust over sinkholes and calderas. Frankly, I do not know and it is not important to survival. But, to say one thing, that was the day that color disappeared. A whole group of people thought they were safe because they had invested in solar panels. I feel sorry for them when they realized the ash cloud blocked out the sky. Someone said Australia still had clear skies during a typhoon, but that doesn’t mean diddly squat here.

So now I guess I have backlogged enough. Now is the time to talk about when the real nightmares started.