This Jarring Photo Series Captures What PTSD Really Looks Like. [Buzzfeed link]

This is just as impactful to me now as it was back when I first saw it. The one that is the worst for me is the divorcing couple. They know the problems with PTSD, but they simply cannot take it. I do not believe it is possible to understand the trials and pain that comes with war-related PTSD. The family understands. It ends there. Society has no way of understanding just like a bird has no understanding of a telescope. They just see something to poop on.

I think this photo series does a pretty damn good job of showing it in a very drastic way. I think it can translate for those who are interested.

The photo series.

The article was written by Ema O’Connor.

The photograph series was captured by photographer Devin Mitchell for his Veterans Vision Project.

The photograph featured is from the article.