Freedom is what we are told it is.

Shaped by the minds, ideas, and words of others.

The concept of freedom is fluid and shapeless.

Like water, it fills and touches all it comes into contact with, saturating it.

Throughout all the changes, it is upheld as being strong and unwavering protection.

Yet, it is as prone to flight as the Dove is.

If the ocean and the sky switched, would the eagle and the fish switch positions? Switch rolls? Flying through water and swimming through the air?

We do not have to worry about physical science changing on us like that. We see true stability in that realm.

It is the realm of man that shifts.

The same realm that tells you what your freedoms are.

The powerful men who rape the land and steal away value from the servants below.

Will you be saturated with freedom tomorrow?

Or will the winds of fortune leave your ship without a sail in the waters of freedom?

Photograph is of a cave located in Los Angeles county.