Precision missiles aimed at innocence

We claim superiority compared to the people we are told are our enemies.

When faced with proposed threats and problems, we drop missiles on those perceived problems or threats.

No matter the technology inside of a missile. No matter how “smart,” it is, technology will never make a missile so precise that it only hits our enemy.

It will never be able to discriminate enemy from innocent civilians.

Who is the enemy but other humans?

Those dead innocent civilians provide the fuel and cornerstones for the new enemy to rise up in the face of terrorism and imperial occupations.

We cite 9/11 as our blank check to pacify the Middle East, yet we have left cities in ruins. Families are broken and torn as the bombs fall through the air.

The fabric of life is torn and on fire.

We should stop to ask why we have these “enemies,” in the first place?

When do the liberators become the terrorist?