Poetry – Starlight flight

O’ Sun Lord, bless this light particle so –

Thou mayest expel, and create life upon thee…

Starlight produces the stars so bright

Atoms smashed and fused together in gestation

A million years old, and not out of the womb

Children, not yet hatched, waiting in queue for their flight


Entropy makes this so unpredictable. I did not ask for this!


First starlight that I observe tonight

A child that will outlive its puerpera mother

A sphere of egestion from life until death

Outward bound, light to darkness, in a tireless flight


I am homeless and abandoned. Why did this happen to me?


I wish, and I wish, and I wish, I might

Disgorged and sent out, castaways and vagabonds

Hurtling through the vastness of space

Friendless, hopeless, no destination in sight


Space is so cosmic, am I there yet?


Grant me this wish, this wish of mine tonight

In motion, eternal until an obstacle is met

Twinkle some Illumination to the gloomy twilight

So children can wish upon it with delight


Carrying infinitesimal rays, I discovered my purpose of eternity…


Oh! How I wish, to take the path of starlight

Created through nuclear fusion

The Conveyer of life essence to planets

The final sight of the doomed galaxy in plight


I am more than an astronomical sight. Alight! Alight!


While you are deep in slumber

After a night of gazing at the sky

Unstoppable… Relentless…

The starlight will fly


Fleeting presence to ubiquitousness


My crimson mother was my creator

My older siblings were the pioneers

My generation will keep the light on

My younger siblings will bring the cataclysmic


Omnipresence is related to relativity. This is our birthright

We represent the beginning, the middle, and the end


To be honest, this just came to me when I got up at one a.m. to use the bathroom. My mind instantly with a list of lyrics and topics, completely on its own. I rather enjoyed it. I only made two drafts of changes. I just went with two major changes and additions, which kept coming to me as soon as I would finish reading it again. Put everything in the right order, and find the best Monty Python reference. Of course, this was the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch. I feel like this was a beefed up fun version of my normal poems. While dark, it still has many positive revelations and a growth in maturity and understanding.