Guest appearance on The Dangerous History Podcast episode 155. A Modern-Day Grunt’s Perspective, part one.

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Description from ProfCJ and the Dangerous History Podcast…

This episode is part 1 of CJ’s discussions with a longtime DHP listener & US Army veteran of the Iraq and Afghan Wars, a guy who goes by “BT” on the internet. Not only does BT himself have a lot of personal experiences in these conflicts, he’s also done a lot of research about these wars and related issues. These conversations will cover BT’s experiences in those wars, and the effects of those experiences, which he’s still dealing with today. Along the way, we’ll also cover the history of these conflicts, and a variety of related issues.

Join CJ & BT as they discuss:

  • The 9/11 attacks, the propaganda that followed it, and the effects on people regarding enlisting in the military
  • The origins of the 2003 Iraq War, including some of the problems with the Bush administration’s justifications for war
  • The invasion of Iraq, and the mounting problems as the invasion turned into an occupation, with a special focus on the city of Mosul
  • The beginning of BT’s time in the Army, starting in 2005, and the training he went through (and the many shortcomings of that training) prior to deploying to Iraq