Interview #2 on The Dangerous History Podcast. Episode 156.

Here is the link to the second episode of my interview with ProfCJ.

Notes for ProfCJ’s Dangerous History Podcast. Episode 2

In case you missed it, here is the link to episode one.


From ProfCJ’s description of the episode.

This is the second part of my conversation with BT, a US Army veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, about his experiences. (Be sure to check out last episode – #155 – for part 1 of this if you’ve not already done so.)

Join CJ & BT as they discuss:

  • BT’s first deployment to Iraq, including the conditions  in Mosul and surrounding areas where he was deployed and the shortcomings of his training relative to what he’d actually be dealing with
  • Problems unique to dealing with a counterinsurgency situation in an urban environment, including IEDs
  • Potential issues of friendly fire
  • Problematic thoughts and behaviors that BT noticed, both in himself and from observing others, that were caused by the stressful environment of operating in a war zone, especially one in which insurgents blended in with the civilian population
  • The different types of IEDs and vehicle bombs (VBIEDs), the US military’s attempts to deal with these, and the back-and-forth race between makers of IEDs and designers of counter-measures

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