Poem – The hammer of war


Suspicion and paranoia rule the attitude of Nation’s, States, and our subversives.

Billions are pumped into the newest weapons,

While we face enemies who use a low-tech guerrilla warfare modus

The same upon which we founded this nation

We wield the hammer and exercise its terrible power

Employed were the same techniques to smash the hand gripping the colonies

We eschew the tactics that we learned from past belligerence

History has no place on the battlefield in the minds of some commanders

Why use old techniques when you can develop a new one to stroke your ego?

Lessons learned are irrelevant. This is a new war they tell us.

Meet the new war, same as the old war.

We chase national security with the tenacity of a man chasing tomorrow.

Tomorrow never comes, for it is always today.

While we chase the specter of evil,

Yesterday’s accumulate in the national outbox

For it is a fool’s errand

We slumber to pass into tomorrow

That is when the monsters show themselves

Living in the nightmares of the television

Told to us by plastic people

Our journey forward will always leave us in the here and now

Monsters come and monsters crawl

Slithering and sliding inside our precious cocoon

The blanket of ignorance is warmth

They slide under the sheets

And we awaken in sweat

They hate us for our freedom

Why do they hate us so?

Probably has something to do with that war thing

Overthrowing governments make for anger and suffering

Of course, we are doing it for their benefits, so say the plastic people

Bombing the life out of a nation while claiming to bring about liberation

The encompassing value of freedom

Parts of dead children strewn about.

Confetti celebrations of macabre proportions.

Mothers crushed under the weight of despair

And the crumbling rubble of loss

A home no more

The warmth of safe slumber blown away

A family no more

Fathers with black hoods

Whisked away and dissolved into memory

Like ice on the street during a hot day

The Harbinger and the delivery of liberation

How many cities have we firebombed?

Dropping gelled explosives

Plastic devices make it a game

Forget they are humans as well

It makes it easier to ignore

Fear be towards a new nuclear power

It is dangerous we are told

Shadows burned into the side

Mushrooms rising

A threat to the world

We stand as the only country to ever use a nuclear device.

We tested it on our own soldiers

We tested the same devices on the land Christian God blessed us with

We deployed their force against civilian targets

Wiped away in brilliant scorching light

Spit in the face of God.

Why should we be concerned with this?

We have our big trucks to drive

Mustangs churn out horsepower

We are the bull moose

Unleashed upon the china shop of the globe

We would not want to question national virility

Perhaps we shall wage a war against the angels

No limit is safe from being capsized

“Behold, I cry, ‘Violence!’ but I get no answer; I shout for help, but there is no justice.

We wield the hammer once reserved for God.

The ultimate store of moral supremacy

The blockade of nations

Preventing food and aid in the name of punishment

Or protection, choose your flavor

Humans treated like children throwing tantrums

“Remember now, who ever perished being innocent? Or where were the upright destroyed?

Our freedom is more important than the rest of the world

We must throw away the undesirables

Host of the largest population of caged humans

It is okay because no one questions

Go about your trending life

The comforting weight of liberation pushes down upon the necks.

A nation consumed with consumption

Tending little green lawns in the desert

How many people die of thirst or from dirty water?

While we deplete the water supply

There is a special price on water in plastic bottles today

While the powers slowly drain

We savor the .99 hamburger

All the while a large portion of the world starves

but pay no attention, heed not

This is a First World Nation

We cram our ears with nonsense

Our stomachs with garbage

Citizens starve and die in the United States

While we openly mock those most in need

Or suggest throwing them into a woodchipper

Do not kill them; otherwise, my people will forget.

By Your power, make them homeless wanderers and bring them down,

Lord, our shield.

Do at home what we do overseas

Keep slumbering to your television dreams

Bad things only happen in the shitholes

Avert your eyes

Ignore the refugee crisis we call homelessness

The poor have set their own choices into play

We are told to hate them

Hate them for their plastic bags

All the trash

A sheet of darkness covers the land

God is hogtied

Helpless to stop the tides of this flood

Good, he thinks

Wash it away once again

We send off men and women to kill for fluids

The one under the ground of the savages

Rivers of blood for rivers of oil

We must heat our thousands of square feet of our homes

They need our help we are just liberating

We cannot allow them to have unchecked power

The consequences would be severe

This is the enemy that we have been told to hate

So we must do everything possible

No stone unturned as we beat the truths out

An ignored hostage crisis

Lies or truth, who cares when the itch needs to be scratched

We asked no questions

Preoccupied with consumerism

Remember, they hate us for freedom

We do not question why suspected terrorist being held in metal cages

Yet, people are aghast when stray dogs are abused

The value of human life

The windows in our room filled with sunlight

Windows explode from the force of the touch of freedom

Combatant or civilian

Bullets have no conscious and kill indiscriminately

Order and structure is the condition of nature

Always abhorring a vacuum

War replaces that structure with chaos

War has its own structure

Our moral compass points to the south

Away from the ascension path we think we are on

Instead, we tumble down the hill of chaos

Down the hill that we struck our flag into

We own the moon and the ruins of a nation

A trail of tears

We defend our hill

By provoking everyone around us

A bully in the schoolyard

Everyone caught in the crossfire

A home invasion where the robber holds you at gunpoint

They start rummaging through your possessions

All the while telling you they come to help you


From your land, from your culture, from your miserable little lift

For nation building

For development

We must protect our conquest

And indulge in the spoils of war

A rebel in one country is a terrorist to another 

Fear not America

There are no bombs here

Except in the shadows of soldiers nightmares

The wall is locked

The castle secure

Not my problem they say

Some seek the freedoms of old

Humans as property

Disease as a divine signal

From a God now  dead

Ask the aboriginal inhabitants of our land

If you can find one

What side are you on?