Trash can graves

Humans expire in trash can graves

Dug for them by an ignoring society

Discarding their soul for another new toy

Plaster over the eyesore

Strip the money away,

It was being siphoned anyways

To pad and clothe those angels dealing in devil trades

Crushed under the weight of a release

From the nets of societal safety

Free up the space for golf courses

Free up space for the future out of business store

The animals who discard their own

A broken pack scattered and shattered

Blow away in winds of change

Humans die in trash can graves

Thrown out with yesterday

Obsolete humans

Obsolete views

Garbage riddle streets

Shuffling and marching

They die as scouts

The front line of a circus

Heading for the bottom of the cliff

Unable to bounce back

Stiffened elastic does not bend

The ground is bitterly sweet

Left right left

Progress forward

Never look behind or underfoot

One might be disgusted