Poem – First World nation with Third World…

First World nation with Third World water

Polluted rivers and dying fish sauteed in dying souls

First World nation with Third World air

Clean coal was a choking dirty lie

First World nation with Third World poverty

Launch cars into space and dole out awards

While the masses of millions struggle to survive

First World nation with Third World refugee crisis

Scold and mock those most in need

Some could only wish they had a van down by the river

Dying souls, dying passions, dying species

Look up. Have you seen the stars lately?

Not likely, how many of us have been robbed?

We have been stripped of our connection to the Universe

People no longer look up

Eyes shrouded in electronic glow

People no longer ask questions

The essence of philosophy





The language of the Heavens

Screaming with the death of those who asked why

If only they saw how we live now

Illuminated clouds

Ask the questions

Why do we not fly off the Earth?

What is out in the Heavens?

No one shoots for the stars

Except for those exporting capitalism

Light up the sky and darken the soul