Poem – Children of the Earth

MY10Like a fish out of water who flounders and flails.

The Father sighs as the Mother wails

For lost generations.

So much bounty and abundance

Children of the Earth must rise above this

Hatred and greed are nothing but a vile seed of poverty and disease.

Reach down children, you all were bestowed with the two greatest gifts available, humanity and thinking.

Questioning and asking are all it takes to lift us up

Weighed down by imaginary gold chains, the chains that are draining and mining

Take and take

Give and give

This is not what life is about

Return to the garden created by the Creator’s. The apple of knowledge is made to be eaten.

Spread the seed

Sow love and understanding

Care and compassion

Listen to the wind, See the stars

Feel the breeze, make a wish

Put it into action


Image is from: Mylius Series