Reverie – Star Children


People who have near-death experiences say they see angels or a light. The angels are possibly our ancestors. Those who have kept the secrets in the open. Hidden from our eyes. Their secrets are simply not for us. As an infant has no use for calculus. They will be there, waiting and gone. Preserving and leaving it stale.

The light is your oldest ancestor. The Star that birthed you is the beginning and the end. From light to dark into the light again. It’s explosion and the billions of others that have seeded the heavens, came together to form this planet and the very bits and pieces of you.

An eternal being of energy. Spend the time you have in this form well. Learn and love. One must go through pain in order to advance. The pain is temporary, the lessons are eternal.

The concept of time limits us. Right now, the astronomers of another galaxy are possibly gazing at our planet, and they still see the dinosaurs. They see the birth of our galaxy. They see you. They are you, as you are them. We are all connected back to our ancestors.

Look into the heavens, look into the past. We will all be stardust again.

Children of the light.