Poem – Wireless Humans

MY28Wireless human beings

Teathered to the digital grid

Independence stripped

Dependence filtered through the system

Lined up in neat files

Waiting to receive their coding

Prisoners of consumptions

Concentrated consentration camps

Arm chair generals

Living room televisions

Suburban sprawl

Distanced from nature

Divided we fall

Cell phones calling vanity

Slaves chained to make up

Discarding the make up of the human being

Mask the face to mask the ancestor

Forming the opposite of water

Waterways polluted with chemicals and trash

Polluted minds are blinded to life

Life as a pack mule

Carrying the crushing weight of debt

Making life civilized

By surrendering time

And departing from soul

Tear the family apart

Probation with the requirment to work

The tribal mindset is old

The ways weird

Why would one want to live this way?

When we have so many toys with wich to play

We ask and we pray for the meaning of life

Living under threat of the knife

Live under the nourishment of the grid

Live this way, or you are polluted with sin

What happens when the system faulters?

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