Racism – Nude and crude, give it to me!

We read history from an English point of view as truth. From quite far back, science and such in abundance. Yet, as short ago as native American culture, we classified all of their histories as fable and folk tales. It is because, at the heart of it, the view is only of two main classes. The civilized class of economy and profits over all else.

And the savages. The undeveloped, poor misguided savages who are cannibals and will murder you quicker than they look at you. They are nude and crude. They lack science and technology. I mean my God! they still use donkeys to get around, carry baskets on their heads, worship the trees and shit?

We must save them, bring them up, introduce them to our way of life.

By murdering the fuck out of them. Imprison them, make them work for the privilege of saving you. It is for your own good. Your way of life? Done. Maybe you rebel? Fear not. The masses of the country give no fucks. That is why this happens. If you are not part of the gelatinous society, then you are expendable. Hell, they will join the military just to go and personally kill them off. They are disgusting and they think differently, so they are a threat. Let’s make agreements, but then like. Make them dependent on us. Burn everything to the ground “(insert that quote)” then take that away. Give them bread. Just like in prison.

Crush their way of life. Their identity. Then set them to the worst places, that were not worth stealing.

Whether by race, or crime of birth on a land of desire. Raw available fruits must be riped from the limbs.

Whether by genocide

Or scorched Earth

Thy land will be mine