Through the fog of war – Dear America, you love genocide and dead American soldiers

If you have a stance that we can’t leave a war because it dishonors the sacrifice that the dead soldiers have made. There can only be two options. Either you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about and you simply parrot what you are told to parrot. Or you are selfish. You want revenge. So you are willing to risk other parents children’s lives. Husbands and wives. Brothers and sisters. But your loss is so important that they need to die. The only true way to honor the sacrifice would be to end the war that is killing for no reason.

Stomp on my flag and I will stomp your ass. Are we fucking serious? People want to tell about the Second Amendment is so important. But yet they completely shit over the First Amendment. People with that mentality have essentially become the jackbooted thugs that enforce the narrative of their side. Or their personal opinion. You refuse to allow any protests? There is no way that anybody else could have a reasonable side? What about the fact that I shouldn’t face physical violence because of damage to a piece of material that is created for the sole purpose of being sold it has no meaning whatsoever. It is not a human being. But you are willing to hurt or potentially kill a human being because of this fake material? If you have a stance where you find it acceptable to take violent action against somebody, then where will that shift and take you? There’s a reason why Vietnam war protesters were killed at Kent State. If you want to be so patriotic go join the military. Put your money where your mouth is. Because I did it. And I can tell you what, after nine years in the military spending eight of those years either in war or preparing for war, give me the flag and I will wipe it on my own ass before I burn it. Because it’s obsession on material meaningless completely empty hollow words on an imaginary idea.

Never once in the history of war has somebody jumped on a grenade while screaming “for the flag!” Because nobody gives a shit about the flag when you’re in a war. You’re worried about the humans around you. That’s the entire fucking point. If a man is willing to jump on a grenade to have themselves killed so that their friend doesn’t get killed how dare you to decide that his very action is what justifies endless offensive murder. How many deaths does your selfishness rack up? What happens when they all feel the same way? You are creating generations and generations of hateful vengeful and genocide victims.

Go ask a native. If you can find one.

Oh wait, I am one. So feel free to listen to me on this one, your country and through the never-ending need for revenge, you allowed genocide. Mass death for your selfishness. I’m not sure how you sleep with yourself at night but I would assume that it’s pretty much the same way as a Mexican warlord. Or an Afghan warlord or some religious fanatics. Oh hell, pretty much anybody brown works. And as long as there is the brown man to fear, nobody pays attention to anything else. Because it is all about me.

If you don’t stand behind the troops feel free to stand in front of them. Again were advocating order of Americans and also human beings because you got your feelings hurt. I wonder if the irony is realized that the entire reason that the soldiers are in existence is to defend the freedoms of the United States and its citizens. Or so we’re told. But let’s pretend that this is real for a minute. The soldiers are overseas fighting for our freedom and the way that you prepay that action is by preventing any question that is faced, violence is the only reaction.

Really patriotic. I’m glad you shit all over the troops while pretending to care. We are human beings not a football team that you’re playing fantasy football on. We are not playing cards. We are not dominoes. We are not chess. We are not a really good game of spades. We are human beings. Who sign up at an age where you were still trying to figure out who you are. Go through several years of war. After I did that I completely changed my opinion of the military. I changed it far before I was done but yet I could not say no.

Everybody says, “I support the troops.” No, you don’t. Because if everybody supported the troops like they said that the troops would no longer be overseas in a war that never ends.

But no. Your patriotic, jump up and down and scream America. Another veteran just committed suicide and a helicopter crashed in a country that we are no longer supposed to be in. The best ones are when the veteran commits suicide inside of the VA hospital. The one where they refuse to call it a suicide. But wave your flag. Because you are patriotic. You would think that it’s the brave soldiers you support so much when they get injured they become not soldiers. But yet nobody protests and continues to care long enough to see something in the VA change. So a couple hundred will kill themselves this month, no time to care I got to bump my Toby Keith.