Reverie – The dangerous end of the rifle


I would enjoy knowing the number of times two nation’s met and agreed to share the land. All this without coercion to force the other to come and sign the treaty by the dangerous end of the rifle barrel. How is it a treaty if one side has no voice in the matter? Where is the freedom?

Left v. Right.

White v. Black.

Rich v. Poor.

Does anyone notice a trend?

How much time do we spend on hating another viewpoint that is counter to our own?

How much could we accomplish if everyone was not the “enemy.” Why do we need to wage “war,” on everything? Why is it a war? That tells me that we could lose it. So instead of applying the concept of actually fixing a social injustice, the ones in charge are typically that fan the flames the most.

I remember seeing those gubboment people doing all sorts of atrocities. But then, people are just people. And people choose how they act. So if you are a murder, you simply join the military to have your rage justified. Because regardless of how you feel about the situation, you do not get to choose whether you fight the enemy or sit it out.

Or, you could just remain a murder in society. Plenty of those types. There are all kind of jobs the bad people can take.

Just realize the people tasked are not there to help you. If they are paid for what they do, and their job isn’t a real one. Then they are simply a mouthpiece soldier for whatever military they have aligned with.

Be it Coke or Pepsi, remember, there are “trade secrets,” and “leakers.” Do not mind that though. There is always a “pull in case of waking,” switch. Currently, it is the Arab population. Do not forget about the Russians. Oh and China. Pretty sure Syria is popping off at the mouth. Oh, and most certainly the North Koreans. But not the South Koreans. They are the good Koreans. They wanted our help and liked the war crimes we would let them do.

If that does not work, a good smattering of patriotism will most certainly do the trick well enough to rile up so much support they can slam those who oppose as weak and lame. Throw out a few war movies about how war is not. Throw them on the television. If you make it glitzy enough, the people are content.

ISIS had that shit down. Their videos were of high quality. They were able to attract a wide calling. Just like so many movements before them. They snowballed and took over. We are mad because we did not like them. They opposed us. But now they have crumbled. The ashes will soon go up and the boogieman will take a new form, with a new head and new money. New cameras ensure this is better than ever. Now we have the video games. We have the apps. We have the podcasts.

The hate seeps into the sponge of those who have been stripped of all, and have no way to release that rage we have inside of ourselves. We pretend we are something special because we survived the genocide that was born by all previous ancestors of homo sapien that did not make it. I am sure everyone can name a few.

We are animals. Built with a history of constantly having to fear death. Hunted by wild animals, exposed to the elements. We place ourselves in cubes. Wear Ties.

We are nothing more than the dogs that are kept in homes. Every now and then, one of them attacks. We wonder why and cry. Yet, everyone keeps their dog. Because, their dog is not an animal like all those scary looking dogs.

We are all animals. Welcome to Earth, I hope you stay and take in some of the sights. Learn of its rich history. And information about the local inhabitants. The Natives if you will.

This was an extension of a Twitter I did.