Poem – The spread of “x”


The spread of Christianity is how it is portrayed. Yet, it is not the export of imaginary ideas, it was the export of force. Of control and power. Utter dominance with an iron fist. The main purpose, just as it had always been since the evolutionary tree, is to control all resources both natural and human.

A military is not a defense force, it never has been.

It is access to destructive violence.

The slicing of flesh from the soul

Crushing the bones from the soul

Severing the tie to this world

The difference is in how the rulers and leaders control their subjects.

The more taxation and distraction and consumptive draining of the human soul.

The existence and acceptance of being a human being with a soul.

We were all placed here for a purpose.

The answers are in plain sight.

Mercury has a mission to do.

Even winged shoes might not help this time.

Look up! Look up to the sky.

Look at the sky oceans float through the sky

Observe how they change

Imagine how tall they are

What would it look like to see it up close?

The different layers are being blown off the main cloud

These pieces gain speed and steam away on a new Airstream.

Look up! Look up at the sky

Observe the heavens

Infinitely large

The Milky Way clouds block out 99% of the stars.

Single galaxies consist of millions of stars

Billions of chances for life to form

Hawaii is roughly a million years old

Comprehension is not possible




This program has experienced an unknown loss of humanity

Press restart

And try again

Like we have for all of time and space.

The soul will always reunite

With your other half

And the experience of the Universe