Story – Sky oceans of the Heavens


Initial thoughts of despair. The view of the heavens was blocked by clouds. With luck, look over to see the South is clear. The sky is so clear. Yet littered with clouds. Pitch black against a moving no, a floating ocean of vaporized water sticking to dust. They are white and the Moon, a waxing crescent, is lighting them up like a daytime view. Luna is hard to look at, she is so bright even when so young.

The Phoenix that rises and falls. Life and Death. On and off. Her conjoined dance with Terra rocks the two. Pulling, pulling, pulling. Like a small dog that simply cannot become free no matter how hard they pull. Lunas pull grabs at the flesh.

Pulling and rolling. Rushing along are waves of rise and fall. The Atlantis that rises and falls. Life bringer and life destroyer. A destroyer of rock. Smashing and crumbling. All succumb to its power.

Except for lava! Sorry, back to the clouds.

I can see the clouds out over the local mountains. They are a mixture of dark grey and a brownish hue. They are oceans of vaporized water and I wonder what would happen if it all just fell? A slight drizzle? Utter sky falling fuck storm? They are thousands of feet high. With the Moonlight, you can see for miles in the clear. I see the different layers, how they move and conflict with each other. Melding together and flowing apart. Clouds just are. It is what it is. A much larger one is visible over the other mountain range. This one looks angry.

You know how clouds look, right? When they are angry. Roar angry. Yeah, I thought so.

Bang bang. I see the flashes of lightning. I wait for that beautiful sound of thunder. Alas, it never comes. I can see that lightning is not coming from the local big angry cloud. It must be a larger more angry cloud that was on the other side of local grr. The lightning does not penetrate this cloud. It stays as opaque as it can be.

My eyes go to my friend, Orion. I have watched him dance across the sky. From East to West. Rise and fall. Life and death. I should have some anger at him. He has been chasing those Pleadies and Taurus is really getting tired of it. He is kind of like their guard dog. Albeit, a very large guard dog. No one knows how the conflict will end. It is an infinite fight. Waiting for the climax that never comes.

I do not know the other constellations. I feel ashamed. I really have a hard time seeing the stars well. Too much light pollution from the cancer city. Consuming everything. Respect for nothing. Connection to no one. Life idled away. Wasting potential.

Just a switch that needs to be flipped.

The angry cloud is a small puff on the horizon. But under that cloud, it is blocking out the sky. And the insulation pad effect, it reflects light back. They probably can see lightning.

Do you ever think how thick the clouds above you are?

I never have. Until now.

These are the perfect nights for flying.

The sky is so illuminated that you do not need you night vision goggles. But, you are supposed to of course. I don’t mind them compared to the shit I had to war in Mosul. The secret is having a weight bag. Big heavy rock on a stick. You need a tail. Physics dummy. Me, not you. Whoever you is. Do you know who you are? Do you know where you is? In your mind, think of where you are. Can you pin it down?

I never have. And I accept that.

I keep seeing clouds coming and blocking the view. I feel that the sky is clear past these clouds. But there seem to be sneaky clouds. Popping out and blocking.

I also keep seeing holes in the clouds that do not follow. Then I follow. The Moon is so bright it is acting as a flashlight being shone done on the Earth. She punches straight through the thin shit. Those little clouds. Say it with your chest. Tiny ass cloud. It will grow up one day and throw some shit around in Missouri. Maybe throw it into Kansas. They are close. Like an imaginary line to imaginary line that split them.

The Moon splits the clouds. I also realize there is a line of invisible. Then visible clouds puff out. Sneaky clouds. Slightly brown ones. They were being hidden in the dark. What appears clear, is darkened by clouds before you realize it. Ninja clouds.

Oh, that cloud from earlier is going to grow up and become a lot of things. A bunny is the next one.

Sky oceans forming over land oceans. Being pulled by Luna. Oceans that regulate the Earth for us. The magma, not lava, that is the outside shit. The magma is what keeps us toasty. Or sort of. We are the top of the skin.

This was one of my, “I am not going to look at it again because I wrote it well enough the first time,” writings. If something does not make sense, it probably did not make sense to me then. Changing it destroys the beauty that comes from a burst of writing.