Reverie – Unpure Puritans

The Puritans worked themselves to death for not much of anything. They experienced the Indians trying to teach them, but they saw them unworthy of consideration of the same level. A silly approach when the natives have something the Puritans do not, respect.

Respect for the land and for the life.

Respecting the life one is allowed to experience.

The Puritans did not, they put in overtime in this life, for a hope of a vacation and promotion in the next life. Respect to the Earth and the seasons and the stars. As we unlocked knowledge, it was barred into buildings, save for being a pagen in the forest. We must make the knowledge unobtainable. So there’s a special book or a story that only I can know that I tell you how to make your life end. At some point, Humanity lost its Humanity.

How can one look forward to the next life if they don’t even respect their own?