Quote – Where the devilfish waits

“An indisputable event, my gallant Ned. Accordingly, people have proposed naming this devil fish Bouguer’s Squid.

And how long was it? the Canadian asked. Didn’t it measure about six metres? said Conseil, who was stationed at the window and examining anew the crevices in the cliff.

Precisely, I replied

Wasn’t its head, Conseil went on, crowned by eight tentacles that quivered in the water like a nest of snakes?


Weren’t its eyes prominently placed and considerably enlarged?

Yes, Conseil.

And wasn’t its mouth a real parrot’s beak but of fearsome size?

Correct, Conseil.

Well, with all due respect to master, Conseil replied serenely, if this isn’t Bouguers Squid, it’s at least one of his close relatives!”
― Jules VerneTwenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea