Twitter Reverie – Some pasted tweets

Until one of these so-called political representatives can actually solve even one of the ancient problems of humanity, such as poverty, or famine, or even basic protection for the citizens who fund it; I will not believe in it. For it is the great lie. You fund your own demise.

Simply attacking your opponent is childish and selfish because every citizen is told to make a choice against two names. That is all billboard ads are. “Vote x because I posted my name. No real tangible information. Attack. Grr! Claw kitty meow. That is your campaign.

There is all this talk about how the middle class is currently being destroyed. This is slightly ignoring the fact that the middle class has been destroyed dozens of times. L v. R is not the issue. It is a drama. They are pulling a magic trick. Look at my left hand while my right steals from you. Switch, rinse, and repeat. The economy is a fictional concept. Focus towards the real issues like war.

Our entire economy is based on the mindless dribble, blatant theft, acceptance of below the bare minimum. Endless wars? Endless poverty? Endless hunger? What is the return on your investment? We have to want more out of life. We owe that to the creator and to ourselves.

We have the stimulus of military bases. So we pay money to the bases. But then we close them and run off leaving a toxic hazard. Or we use them to build unneeded war machinery so we can sell them to our future enemy to justify building more. It is a loop friend, choose to end it.