Reverie – The desert of life or Alice and that pesky hole

IMG_8858.JPGWe think we are at the top because we place ourselves there. The tree of life is not the right example. The tips of the branches beings the furthest does not mean it is the most advanced stage of the tree. Branches are cut often, the universe is really good at killing things that want to live in a higher state than a fish in a cozy home. Motherfuckers need to get stepping and go do shit. Lift shit. Take a shit. It is all important.

Life is better described as the Mojave desert. We see the vast expanse of thick Joshua forests and Chaparrals. We also have out here, nothing but low shrubs. Maybe a bigger bush every now and then. But they are not less good, they simply survive in a way and it works. The environment needs to be stressed to cause strengthening.

What we see now is only one stage set in an infinite stage, the stage of life that keeps chugging along only to be struck with a volcano or an asteroid perhaps a famine, those are always fun. Or it is the wildfire, that is coming to murder our little patch of forest. But in 20,000 years, who knows what this place will look like? Let us check back in sometime.

People who want to record silly things like birds and weather now might one day be these ancestorial monks in convents writing books by hand and candlelight. When some teenage unpaid intelligent spider stumbles up some of our remains, will they really know what a Prius is? No one will understand the hashtag symbol, I barely do because I want to call it the pound key. Nobody says it like that, said the 13-year-old boy throwing an ax during a black powder rifle club meeting deep in the woods of the Missouri Ozarks.

Oh, I think that is officially an “I am really old,” thought that was turned digital and is now in your brain.

If we think we are the best because only we have perfected the utter devastation of the planet, you have not met the billions of trillions of potential solar rays or rocks tossed by inept wizards with the best of intentions, most of the time.

Time is what we give to it because eventually, all of our biological clocks cease ticking. Fear not, for as long as some type of life exists, it will move on. Even if it does not, that does not mean that no other life could have happened. How many spots of the Earth have we missed? How many animals that never left fossils? How many species of dragons? Hell, how much sea life are we unaware of now? Little guys stuck off the side of a volcanic vent. Eventually, something decides to rise up.

How far can Alice climb up the rabbit hole once she is finished with her trip?