Reverie – On bumper stickers


Peace through superior firepower.

Peace is only one-sided, the ending side of a war is always submission. Submission is not peace. Submission is the kiln for continued war. It is a self-sustaining system once the fire is lit. Like the Olympic torch, it never goes out.

You cannot make peace with those who want to kill you.

Making, it is a process. The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. The journey that is sat out, is never taken.

The word Superior is one that might be overlooked as a “well yeah…” word. However, consider attaching the idea to colonialism. Superior means inherently that one is better. But it also indicates that someone is inferior. We hold power and persuasion over them. It is a direct threat to have a larger War forced to keep you from attacking them. Why do we consider ourselves to be above morals when it comes to war? If you live in a neighborhood and the government comes in and kicks out some home, at the threat and barrel of a gun, and steals their property in eminent domain.

There is nothing you can do, because they have the guns. And they have the power. And that is what we present to the world. As a nation, we accept and encourage wholesale genocide of other race, religion, and economic theory.

We set up machine guns and started shooting at people randomly in the neighborhood. If anyone tried to retaliate that is simply a cue for the application of more Force.

Superior Firepower is gained through Superior control. The removal of all threats is the number one goal.

Go to war. It is okay