VA News – Court rules class-action lawsuits can be brought against the VA

This legal change sounds like great news for many veterans, I hope that the process works correctly and changes are made that reduce the pressure on veterans and their family members. I feel we will see an influx of lawsuits for Gulf War Syndrome, Agent Orange, and toxic chemical exposures from many military bases and family housing units.

I have been a part of the Burn Pit lawsuit for years, and it is constantly struck down because big money from KBR keeps them immune to being responsible for poisoning us against the specific direction of the DoD. Most of the Vietnam veterans are already passed, and the insult among all of us that we have waited this long for the care that we were promised from day one of signing paperwork.

Link to the article on here.

From the article,

A recent federal court ruling allowing class-action suits against the Department of Veterans Affairs could lead to a host of new legal options for veterans who share similar illnesses, service records or bureaucratic headaches.

“It is a watershed moment,” said Greg Rinckey, a founding partner of the the law firm Tully Rinckey PLLC, which specializes in military law. “For veterans dealing with Gulf War illness or Agent Orange claims … this makes it easier for them to fight against big government.”

On Aug. 23, an eight-judge panel on the U.S. Court of Veterans Appeals ruled that in “appropriate cases,” class-action lawsuits against VA will be allowed. In the ruling, Chief Judge Robert Davis wrote that he hopes the decision will “shape our jurisprudence for years to come and … bring about positive change for our nation’s veterans.”