Reverie – The big hammer

The Army has an image problem. When the Army goes to take a piss, it is very self-confident. It is the kind that would loudly shout about how big its dick is due to an inferiority complex.

And that is the reality, our Army presents itself as the best Army ever. Like no joke here. We have the coolest toys. We make people go boom the best. Have you ever seen a fucking M1A2 tank? The Bradley is underappreciated, it can handle virtually any mission, but I digress.

So we have the best tank. So why do we need so many of them? Like… Shouldn’t 4 tanks handle everything? We also have really big artillery and so on.

We say we won the Cold War by outspending the Russians and causing them to collapse, but what about our overspending? And our inability to adapt. The Army is stuck in soda and sucks like a lemon.

We could (and arguably have) conquer the whole goddamn world. We suck at it, but we can do it. Thankfully, just like in Command and Conquer, there are factories just pumping out the armor,

So the Army has to be a hammer, not just any pussy hammer, a big sledge.