Twitter writing – monkey bars

Strange. No one ever seems to question the difference between the “terrorist training camps,” (dudes on monkey bars) and the recruiting video for the army with their tanks the guns and their bombs. Both are zealots and feel they are the right(ous) side. We are big and we are bad.

2 thoughts on “Twitter writing – monkey bars

  1. Christopher Henrikson

    They fail to ascribe the religious motivations of their own lives to those most similar. “It’s hard to convince a man of something when his livelihood depends on him not understanding it.” Humans are self serving and must be empirically seen as such to understand their myopic view of extremism.


    1. Very well said. I think it is a common flaw or weakness that those in power commonly exploit and one that the general masses are more than willing to accept as it is the easiest approach because it is spoon fed to them. Why I think when you can be told?

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