Reverie – The spice of war

The scope of war is exactly what we are told by the State, the only institution that can conduct war in society.

War is nothing but the expenditure of resources, in both human lives and collateral.

Once two or more enemies begin engaging in war, they will throw away lives until one of the sides is no longer willing to keep the bloodshed going. This happens when the population is tired. The giant takes a long time to grow weary though.

Throwing scraps of patriotism and the false ideals of honor and no surrender, kill them all and let the deities work it out. The flesh of the innocent can be spiced up with a dash of racism, although, most master chefs simply throw too much of this on.

In a self-sustaining system, the deaths of the nation instill more desire to cause death. A bully beating the shit out of someone because they themselves got punched. Rally the school and circle the wagons. Aim the long artillery and fire away. What is the little person going to do?