Twitter writing. Gory combat dinos.

I imagine horrible shit and impact. Do you ponder comet strikes? The sound? Power? Heat? Debris? Years for me. Graphic grim and gory. I view lenses of combat, medical, scientific, mechanical. Better my mind there than running loose. Knowledge is power. Dinos had no knowledge.

I am pretty happy with this one. I went over and over trying to phrase perfectly. I typically do not do that shit because it takes away from me. I want to simply divulge everything I can because I find people and their problems fascinating. I have mixed every discipline that I could so that I feel like a sage of the World. I have had the experiences that have shaped my life and my thinking. Good bad and pure evil.

Chaos and death have to be far away. Best to avoid the sorrow part. The shit. That is where it is at. Fighting. Hunting. The rush. The excitement. The painful long waiting. Wanting any vehicle to explode or

I hope to come back and expand on this as I feel I can take this much further. Here is looking at you future me. You me too.

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