Literature quote – The puppy with no morals

“Man has no moral instinct. He is not born with moral sense. You were not born with it, I was not – and a puppy has none. We acquire moral sense, when we do, through training, experience, and hard sweat of the mind.”

― Robert A. HeinleinStarship Troopers

5 thoughts on “Literature quote – The puppy with no morals

  1. Christopher Henrikson

    We misinterpret certain feelings or experiences as supporting a moral we identify as important. Morality is nothing but one’s interpretation of right and wrong, held up against the background of our actions. In order to understand one’s moral make up, it must be contrasted over that person’s life experiences; while we can compare to each other, that’s the only analysis that matters. What we do and why do it.


    1. Which causes problems because we are always working on limited information on other people. We even have severe limitations on our own views because if we are not aware of why we feel a certain way, it is difficult to understand the mechanics. The further in life we go, the more experiences, the more likely we can engage in self-reflection.

      Trauma works well for those who can face it. The harshest realities are laid bare if we can step outside of ourselves and ask why.

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