Ranch remodel – The kitchen

We finally purchased our new home, so it was clearly time to start ripping shit apart. The kitchen was pretty small, so removing some of the stuff in here would help to open it up.


The first order of business was to tear out the upper cabinets as well as both of the ceiling light fixtures.


All the cabinets have been removed from the wall as well as the doors for the lower cabinets. The first round of sanding and staining has been done. We patch up the wall and a poor excuse of a painter comes in to paint the walls. I am not sure why this picture ended up so small…



I took the upper cabinets apart and use the long interior shelves to create the open shelf concepts being held up by several pieces of black iron flanges and black iron pipe. The ceiling light is replaced along with the new stove.


Here is the final product for now. The LED lights are really bright, so we added a dimmer switch that helps a lot. 

The ranch kitchen is completed.


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