Real Douchebags of Psychology – The Return of the Yester-Year Rapist. Prologue,

Remember boys and girls, these are the people who are supposed to be there to support us as human beings when we have experienced something so traumatic that we overcome the social stigma of mental health, only to be taken advantage of by someone given specific trust and confidence. The actions prove that Mr. Greer knew exactly what he was doing, even having a prepared excuse for his actions, a lie justified as being good enough to throw in the face of reality because the victim is not worth more effort than that.

Yet, we can see that the state board has no real concern because this is a violation of public trust. Mr. Greer demonstrated that he cannot be trusted, that he is a predator who has been caught this time but will strike again, as we will see later.

Because no one ever really gets in trouble if you are just rich or successful or connected enough. Image being the next patient lined up to go see him? Feel safe? How does anyone stand a chance of being heard?

Who knows how many silent and invisible or dead victims lay in his wake of souls.

Two Tulsa doctors accused of engaging in sexual misconduct with their patients and illegally prescribing painkillers for them have been disciplined by a state board.

Also, two Oklahoma City physicians were penalized by the Oklahoma Board of Medical Licensure and Supervision meeting Thursday in Oklahoma City.

Dr. Stephen Lester Greer of Tulsa was accused of inappropriately touching, kissing and caressing a patient in his office, in a Broken Arrow motel and in his car, a licensure board official said.

Greer, 44, “engaged in sexual acts at the same time he was maintaining a doctor patient relationship and prescribing controlled dangerous substances to his patient, according to a complaint filed by the licensure board.

Greer testified that he was helping the woman financially because she had been in an abusive relationship with her husband, whom she had left.

A psychiatrist, Greer also employed the patient “to work off her bill by copying other psychiatric patients’ medical charts.

The relationship between Greer and his patient was from May 15, 2003, to February 2004, according to licensure agency documents.

An out-of-state evaluation concluded that Greer currently cannot practice medicine “with competency, safety, and skill.

The licensure board believed Greer would close his practice because of sexual misconduct and then enter a residential treatment program.

Greer didn’t, so the board Thursday suspended the doctor’s state medical license. Greer is to be treated by a psychiatrist “with expertise in treating psychiatrists with sexual boundary issues, according to board documents.