Stories of the Sky Wars – The Invasion


The leading edge of the invasion blended into the sky.
By the time we realized the scale, it was too late.
The beasts in the sky were not mechanical but alive.
Their constantly changing appearance was only described as horrifying on a primitive scale.
Eventually, the dropships were released from the monsters in the sky.
Our invasion was but one of millions of the past. This invader has never been stopped.
As the dragons interacted with the sky, we quickly realized how cold it was becoming. This was just the beginning.
An atmospheric bomb was set off with global consequences.

One night. That was how long the invasion took. By the fall of night, the inhabitants of the Earth would no longer see the stars. Instead the familiar patterns would be replaced by a nauseating void of wrong. A blindfold had been placed over the world. Soon the sky would be forgotten, a story of the bygone era, those questionable elders who might have lost their minds, or might hold the keys to the lost knowledge. We failed to hold on to our own. We were no different then tens of thousands of civilizations before us, nor would we ever be the last.