Breaking News from MAGAnistan

Breaking News: President Trump just announced renaming The United States to MAGAnistan.

Trump orders bombings of ISIS camps in 300 locations within MAGAnistan.

MAGAnistan declares bankruptcy, insider reports show incarceration rates are at 88%

President Trump of MAGAnistan announces official title change, President will be replaced by “The” From now on it is The Trump of MAGAnistan.

The Trump of MAGAnistan decreed that the penal colony formerly known as “The Place Mean Old Pelosi comes from,” is for sale.

The Trump of MAGAnistan is considering nuclear warfare against the ISIS training camp formerly known as the Penal Colony where “Mean Nasty Old Pelosi Land,” (MNOPL) comes from.

After the war, The Grand Dragon Ann Coulter declared gold had been discovered in the LMNOP nuclear wastelands. The Trump’s Floating Men, (TTFM) (formerly USMC) are directed to begin mining operations.