Star Wars – The Vulture Graduation of the ISD Hammer

Attention to Orders:

It is with this decree that The Galactic Emperor has bestowed the Vulture Graduation distinction upon Class 78, Forward Sector 12x9L, Cycle 6A, assigned to the Imperial Star Destroyer Hammer. This is bestowed upon the catastrophic loss of the Hammer due to a terrorist attack that took thousands of valiant Imperial lives the class of cadets was lost with all hands to open vacuum.

ACTIONS: ISD Hammer was summoned to respond to an emergency distress call from NAVOP Sector 12x7G based upon the tactical information that a large, unknown terrorist group had supposedly ambushed the local Security Garrison. Through an undetermined method, the Hammer was issued incorrect hyperlane data, resulting in the Hammer being dropped into a debris field. The Hammer employed all methods and means available to it for the safe evacuation of the debris field but was catastrophically lost as were the lives of 41,000 Imperials.

From henceforth, Class 78 is stuck from the active roles, along with the names of the 78 cadets. The unit colors shall be cased and entombed in the Royal Imperial Academy Military Memorial for all time. The cadets will be interred with full honors and decorations.

Never will the tragic loss of Class 78 be allowed to stand and the Emperor will use all force available to bring a crushing defeat to those terrorists who dared attack the might of the Galactic Empire. The Empire will not allow a moment of breathing room for those who harbor and aid the enemy.

One thought on “Star Wars – The Vulture Graduation of the ISD Hammer

  1. Christopher Henrikson

    “Open vacuum” feels like “sleep deprivation.” I mean, yes generals say it exists, but they feel it’s mostly theoretical.


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