When the rocks fell – And wipe out this virus you’ve created

You guys have made war interesting. You’ve managed to damage the uplink so now that the injuries that you get their permanent input. and we have to destroy the population to try and wipe out this virus that you’ve created. You aren’t the first, but Jesus Christ, it’s like you didn’t even try.


Thanks to this, I’m an engineer who can’t do math. I’ve adapted to become visual, but the math is out the window. I cannot even conceptualize the idea of a number in my head without some extreme strain. The worst losses are the ones you most critically need it.


  • You said that you need to wipe out our population do you control the meteors?


No, we have observed things for a long time and we see regularity and patterns. In fact, if you go through the whole culture thing we’ve given you a whole lot of heads and clues, you guys are kind of blatantly ignored.


How are we going to wipe you out?


We’re going to offer less help to survive.


If I was to hand you the brochure of the packages that we offer yours isn’t in the brochure, it’s the special that we bring out in case we need something more than a handshake before we close the door on you, like an IOU.