Breaking news from MAGAnistan part II

Breaking News, whistleblower releases documents proving The Grand Wizard Ann Coulter was selected because she was the only one in the administration with the neck to handle the weight of evil in the Great Trump Pointed Hat device she wears to all public events.

Breaking news, senior science advisor to The Trump of MAGAnistan, The Grand Wizard Ana Coulter reports that Global Warming is a scam caused by the breathing of Democrats and poor people. She presented a 92-point plan to Make Golf Courses Great Again by “freeing up space.”

MAGAnistan’s The Lord of War Matti$ has prepared Trump Military operations to turn all mass grave sites into golf courses. During a WAX STICK BEVELED EDGE, GREEN lunch, he gave this statement, “Everyone knows that what grass needs to grow is warm blood, so we will fertilizer both above and below.”

The Trump of MAGAnistan releases tell-all book of how fucked up The Trump administration is. Human Mucinex Germ The Sarah Huckabee Sanders denies the book was released and sacrificed three reporters to her mother The Rancor while blaming ISIS Democrats.