Musings on war induced spit

My memory fails that far back, but an interesting symptom I have is the sheer amount of snot I create, anytime I drink or smoke or ear, I have to spit. Always told allergies but nothing has ever fixed it. It is a symptom of chemical weapons or any neuroweapon.

That is why foaming at the mouth of tearing is a symptom of say, Sarin. Once a muscle use is done it is supposed to chemically turn off. Essentially the “off,” switch is being forced to stay on through binding actions. This also would help explain the spacitity.

So let’s say you have exposure to a neurotoxin and it is working in your brain, there are swelling and inflammation, now blow up an IED next to my head and knock me out, now that localized CW is entrapped in a whole swollen brain. What new possibilities does that CW face?

Add into it the daily hormone dump of being in a warzone, exhausted, terrified, exposed to new pathogens, heavy metal in the air, the cocktail of toxins from the burn pits, and oh yeah, the bombed chemical weapons facility that FOB Marez in Iraq was built atop.

Climbing on tanks that had been hit with depleted uranium rounds. Going through weapons bunkers filled with dusty Russian language rocket pods. All the artillery and rocket shells I have handled.

To add to this, my wife has known me since I was 15, and spitting was never a characteristic I had, she never noticed me do it until after my first deployment. She tells me how disgusting it was and how I picked up 0% of the hints to stop.

Very on brand for me.