Kiowa vs the beetle

The pilot brought his Kiowa Warrior helicopter to a hover 100 feet above the desert landscape, from the higher orbits, it looked like there was a cave entrance to the south of a rock formation. Peeling away for another orbit he grabbed a grenade from his chest pouch and this time at about 30 feet above the ground he aims to throw the grenade into the hole.

A beetle has been patiently waiting and observing the flying machine. After the third curious look and the craft being in close enough range, the beetle lept into the air from behind the rocks. Its body perfectly impacted below the main rotor mast shattering the pitch control rods. A collection of heating metal and beetle shell rained over hydraulic lines and a sickening dance of life and death quickly played out sending the helicopter to the ground.

The crash disoriented 1LT Thomas and CW3 Nickles, and the rumble alerted the tunnel that had been the original target before the helicopter ceased being. The Bradleys providing overwatch observed the crash and started laying down 25mm shells trying to push back the mass of insects that were attempting to capture and consume the metals of the aircraft.