Bull Fall Star Wound #3

As the land weakened the population called them sinkholes, attributing it to geology. They did not see the opening ventilation shafts and former war silo’s, receiving air for the first time in tens of thousands of years. What was inside would be their end.

The largest of the Silos was sunk two miles into the ground ringed by supply warehouses and medical facilities, living spots for 144,000 people. The sealing process had left it perfectly preserved across 85% of the facility, the food would have still been consumable after all this time. The citizens would not be able to use this sealed safety, the failed locks of the other portion of the facility are where the monsters hid and fed in the shadows. An ark that had been sealed at the bottom of the Earth was now exposed and over the centuries, earthquakes have opened up new passages far and wide for the monsters to escape once the final seal has been broken.

The seal was a door marked with a single phrase, “Bull fall star wound 3.”

The astrobleme itself provides a strong local protective field that helps to stabilize incoming solar radiation from space storms. This gives a strong agent of hope in the fight to survive in a Universe that is bent on ending the mistake of life and simultaneously change it to make it more horrifying for the participants of the Great Game. A larger size is not always indicative of better though.