Journal of the Lost – The People of Lake Thompson

Time of the Great Dying

The lake had gone through decades of decline and the bounty had drifted away. The lake had been a pivotal setting for the local environment for over 12,000 annual season changes, there were times where the lake disappeared completely, only to be refilled over the period of a few days.

Then the Gods came, with their fish, saying that it would solve everything. They put the fish in without consulting the inhabitants, but our ancestors waited. And their patients was rewarded with a resurgence in the lake life.

For two Summer’s life began to return. The waters improved.

Too much. A new enemy had been brought into the lake. A small mussle that could filter over a large jar of water a day. There were millions in the time of monitoring with the Gods knowledge. Best estimates have suggested the problem became much worse. The water continued to become more clear a sign that life was being drained from the lake. There would be millions of dead fish that would wash ashore and the smell would be awful, the tribe would be forced to relocate for several Moons. All the birds would eat the dead fish and the birds would die. Then the predators would die. When the water went clear our blood went cold. It was unnatural being able to see down to the bottom of the lake. Hundreds of feet of clear water. Nothing moved. The black slime at the bottom was

It was a mirror world, a world of distortions and bending.

Then the Counter-Gods arrived.

They argued with the Gods and those arguments led to a great war between the Gods.

The Counter-Gods splintered into three Tribes.

  1. Tribe took some of the people to the mountains, saying that a flood was coming that would wipe out the lake and all the people. They were going to dig into the mountains and gain access to secret passageways that our own ancestors had talked about, with this knowledge some of the people went with them. Later we will find out only about half ever made it to the mountains and no one really knows what happened to the others.
  2. Tribe called in their sky chariots, like banana’s floating through the sky on loud strong windstorms. The black haze that suspended them in the air slammed like a tornado as the Counter Gods entered the chariot. As they departed like a flock of birds, the Gods were ready. They threw flaming spears into the flock and fire erupted in the sky. As the chariots crashed to the ground the Gods went and began to tear apart at the flesh taking bits and pieces.
  3. The tribe gathered their arms and went back into war with the Gods over the loss of the Chariots.

A final tribal member arrived saying that death was imminent for all of us at the lake, that we needed to go with them to the mountains to survive. Then the sky dragons began tearing through the sky. The explosions made the war between the Gods and Counter Gods seem like warring insects. The Earth began to give a frightful cry. A blanket was pulled over the sky, locking away the blue for perhaps future generations. It was replaced by a low dark and heavy cloud. The temperature fell rapidly.

Then the water came.

The mountains seemed to melt away, the white glacier caps smashing and breaking.

Nothing looked the same when the waters were done.

The forest was gone.

The mountains looked as if a giant child had just begun digging them away like a sandcastle. Any giant adult would have screamed in terror that their child had taken too much, that the mountain would collapse and swallow their child.

We could not look at the mountain, we could not look at anything. Everywhere we looked was different and wrong. The very ground we had grown up known, our ancestors had grown up on hunting and dying. All of it was gone, all of it was different. No longer did the lake have the shoreline. Everything was water. Everything was destruction.

The Gods had proven themselves through their ability to destroy everything. The people looked to the Gods for their creative abilities, but those were lacking. The Gods, their mission apparently successful, took flight on their own flock, leaving the former people of the lake to their own devices.

We headed for the mountains, to the place of dragons and demons, because that was the only thing from the old life that we still knew about.