The potato head kids of the MENA

Our military absolutely refused to come to the comprehension that no matter how hard we train for it, we are not fighting the grand Soviet American slugfest that had been publicly masturbated after for years and years. Not since WWII, the GREATEST FUCKING GENERATION! (News flash, no, you’re not) have we fought ourselves a proper war.

So we train for that fantasy, as we are being slaughtered in the fields by angry locals and no matter how much money the government pumps into technology, we still cannot achieve anything, because there is nothing to achieve. This concept of COIN, or uniting the villages of Afghanistan, in some epic game of huberious, was nothing but fumble after fumble to “fix,” the last “mistake.” (Also, see “oopsie’s!)

And we die, and we die. Oh, don’t get me wrong, we do a lot of killing. Goddamn we are good at that one. You would be amazed at what you can do with some explosives.

I wonder if people realize that a war zone is someones home. The love for utter destruction from hours of artillery barrages, or dropping the biggest fucking bombs we have ever created over and over and over again, just because we can.

We have to firebomb their countries over there, so they are not killing our far superior valued lives, because we have the fantasy of a functioning system of freedom. Most bullies are going to think this way, but we can just… turn around and leave the school. Remove the bully. Just turn off the war.

It is the most moral thing we can do. We cannot remain, even in this idea of being “helpful,” after we broke a system that was already on life-support, because we were mad. Everywhere is broken, you just have to look to your own situation. Every bomb we don’t drop, every vehicle we don’t run over with a tank, every bullet not punched into a wall, is for the best.

There will never be “peace,” or “security,” because that is not for us to decide. If we as a nation are so superior that we must be the world protectors, then why can we not secure freedom in our own land? It is more important to spend money on killing people in other countries than to ensure kids living down the street from you are not starving? And those bombs that burst in the air for our grand national celebration of war, they create starving, or starvinger, kids. Sometimes they even lose a limb like a Mr. Potato Head doll.

And if that upsets you, that is why we must end the war.

17 years… For what?

What can be pointed to as a victory?