Journal of the Lost – Children’s song, The Ice Giants

Rumble around Jumbled around The Ice Giants Came tumbling down Mountain of ice Mountain of snow Downriver Off we go Mashed bone Buried home Now the children Are all alone Death comes at night Death brings a fright Cold Wind Blows Tree high snows   - Excerpt children's poem, near unknown glacial wall, YDSV.  

Alchemy interpertation – The counterfort

Walls: We see three different types of walls. Starting from the bottom left, we see a solid wall. Once we pass on the other side of the doorway, the wall takes a 90 degree left turn. When we see the wall again, it now has support structures on the outside of the wall. The support structure …

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Alchemy interpretation – “The storm rolls in.”

Clear sky at the top giving way to heavy white clouds. A storm is approaching and rolling in as I presume. It could be a reverse presentation as well. Instead of the white being clouds, it could represent land. Perhaps a faraway land and this village are on the top of a cliff. The water …

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