Journal of the Lost – Children’s song, The Ice Giants

Rumble around Jumbled around The Ice Giants Came tumbling down Mountain of ice Mountain of snow Downriver Off we go Mashed bone Buried home Now the children Are all alone Death comes at night Death brings a fright Cold Wind Blows Tree high snows   - Excerpt children's poem, near unknown glacial wall, YDSV.  

Stories of the Sky Wars – The Invasion

  One night. That was how long the invasion took. By the fall of night, the inhabitants of the Earth would no longer see the stars. Instead the familiar patterns would be replaced by a nauseating void of wrong. A blindfold had been placed over the world. Soon the sky would be forgotten, a story …

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When the rocks fell – A masters course in fantastical

The man with the red hat was furious. "Those stories of the ancient people are too fantastical to have been real. It is clear how they describe things that it is supernatural fantasy. This idea of Gods fighting in the sky. It is limited intellect." "You do not believe it because your understanding of fantastical …

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Mohave Indian story of Creation

Mohave Indian story of Creation. In the beginning, there was no land, no light, only darkness and the vast waters of Outer Ocean where Earth-Maker and Great-Grandfather were afloat in their canoe. Earth-Maker cast a long line into the water and brought up from the bottom of the ocean a part of earth no larger …

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