Veteran Problems

Personal dealing with the VA

These links are about personal interactions and problems I have encountered with the Department of Veteran Affairs.

  1. Mental health failure by the VA. Part I. Most of the backstory from May 2017 until September 2017.
  2. Mental health failure by the VA. Part 2. A letter to my Congressman. September 2017.
  3. A letter from my wife to the VA Care Giver Support Program.
  4. My letter to California Senator Kamala Harris into my continuing VA problems. November 2017.
  5. An angry message to the VA and the unusal response.

News reports on Veteran Affairs issues.

  1. The VA refuses to acknowledge some combat zone burn pits were built on former chemical weapon facilities.
  2. This Jarring Photo Series Captures What PTSD Really Looks Like. [Buzzfeed link]
  3. How the Veteran Affairs office fueled the national opioid crisis and is killing thousands of veterans.
  4. Government Accountability Office reports VA denies 80% of Gulf War Illness claims
  5. Veteran Affairs whistleblower facing retaliation. Washington Post article.
  6. Veterans Affairs Office of Inspector General report on the death of Charles Ingram and the failures that caused it
  7. Veteran Affairs whistleblower facing retaliation. Washington Post article.
  8. November 2017 GAO report finds the VA does not properly report doctors who fail to maintain ethical and medical standards
  9. 2016 Veteran suicide report by the Office of Suicide Prevention on 3 August 2016
  10. Government Accountability Office report on continued failure with VA emergency care benefits despite 2014 report
  11. OIG report between 2014 – 2016 shows 1 million late payments made by VA to contracted health facilities
  12. Iran-Iraq War. The Gulf Wars. Sarin nerve gas and Gulf War Illness. A possible link explained.
  13. Former Vice President Joe Biden addresses possible link between son’s fatal brain cancer and toxic burn pits. PBS article and video.
  14. News link – Another veteran dies after he set himself on fire to protest the VA.
  15. VA Whistleblowers more likely to receive disciplinary actions. NPR article.
  16. VA article – Horrific conditions and rusty surgical instruments
  17. VA article – San Diego VA studying CBD for PTSD treatment. (NBC article)
  18. VA OIG report – Denied Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Claims Related to Military Sexual Trauma
  19. Veterans – The busy empty phones. Washington Post article.
  20. VA News – Court rules class-action lawsuits can be brought against the VA
  21. VA – a small payout of $1,385.08 a day for defective earplugs over 18 years.
  22. Veteran Affairs – 33-year-old Justin Miller committed suicide after being released from VA psych care