List of Veterans Affairs news articles

The following list contains the articles I have posted that deal with news articles about the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Most of the articles will relate to health care issues as those for me, are the most pressing.

Iran-Iraq War. The Gulf Wars. Sarin nerve gas and Gulf War Illness. A possible link explained.

OIG report between 2014 – 2016 shows 1 million late payments made by VA to contracted health facilities

Government Accountability Office report on continued failure with VA emergency care benefits despite 2014 report

2016 Veteran suicide report by the Office of Suicide Prevention on 3 August 2016

November 2017 GAO report finds the VA does not properly report doctors who fail to maintain ethical and medical standards

Veteran Affairs whistleblower facing retaliation. Washington Post article.

Veterans Affairs Office of Inspector General report on the death of Charles Ingram and the failures that caused it

Government Accountability Office reports VA denies 80% of Gulf War Illness claims

The VA refuses to acknowledge some combat zone burn pits were built on former

chemical weapon facilities.